The Unified Solution

Training with Versa Integrity Group

Versa welcomes you to register and attend one of our NDT training courses with some of the industry’s best technicians and teachers! We pride ourselves on providing top-notch instruction in each of the below training courses, and truly appreciate being a part of the learning process for individuals desiring to improve their skillset.

These courses will prepare you for certifications, challenges on the job, and for advancements in your own career. If you have ever thought about taking the leap, go for it now!


If you have any questions about our pricing structure or how to sign up for classes, please contact us about the course you are interested in taking.

Radiographic Testing Courses
  • RT Level I (40 hour class) – $1,600.00
  • RT Level II (40 hour class) – $1,600.00
Ultrasonic Testing Courses
  • UT Level I (40 hour class) – $1,600.00
  • UT Level II (40 hour class) – $1,600.00
Other Conventional NDT & Misc. Training Courses
  • MT I & II (16 hour class) – $900.00
  • PT I & II (16 hour class) – $900.00
  • VT I & II (24 hour class) – $1,000.00
  • UT Characterization & Sizing (40 hour class) – $1,700.00
  • Film Interpretation (24 hour class) – $1,100.00