The Unified Solution

Building Culture Through Radical Communication

Most companies completely fail when trying to build transparency in communication throughout their organization. A major factor that inhibits productivity and reassurance is the flow of communication from top-to-bottom. Most people have been in a situation in the workplace where you know change is coming but you feel kept out of the loop, making it […]

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The Heart of Versa

The Heart of Versa: Values that Built a Best in Class Culture It could easily be argued that industrial inspections/ndt could be one of the most competitive markets in the energy sector. With a surplus of mom and pops to billion-dollar organizations, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself when everyone is providing the same […]

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Creating a Family-Focused Work Environment

Versa’s secret sauce of success is one that we are open about and don’t mind our competitors hearing. It’s something that came naturally. A big challenge was making sure we didn’t forget it during our rapid growth over the past 5 years. This recipe of success is simple…create a culture that is Family Focused. When […]

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