The Unified Solution

Versa Unmanned Data Collection

Versa Unmanned deploys state of the art technology leveraging the latest software and hardware to provide our customers actionable data when it matters most. Exceeding the industry standard by providing the highest quality imagery and data solutions while significantly reducing the risks and costs associated with traditional inspection methods. Unmanned systems offer the end-user the ability to gather data in confined, inaccessible, or simply unsafe areas. Asset managers rely on this critical information to provide inspection reports and make decisions that significantly impact cost schedule and performance.

Versa Unmanned operators are trained in a multitude of scenarios to safely fly in and around structures gathering data for our customers.

Versa Unmanned uses remotely piloted vehicles to pinpoint exactly where structural integrity may be compromised.

Why Versa Unmanned?

Building on a legacy of safety and inspection efficiency, Versa Unmanned provides a game changing capability to our clients. Leveraging a training and safety-oriented program focused on meeting or exceeding the regulatory standards, our unmanned system operators are highly trained, skilled and efficient. Combining our organization's inspection experience with former military unmanned system trainers and operators, Versa Unmanned has the ability to assess our customers needs, and provide a solution that will reduce cost, increase safety and provide imagery and actionable data on a whole new level. Humans will always be in-the-loop, but why not remove them from the unnecessary risks. Deploy a Versa Unmanned asset. Versa Unmanned’s goal is to help our customers save time, save money, and save lives.

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