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Turnaround Planning & Management

If you need support and planning for your turnaround/shutdown, we have you covered from managing the operation to supplying experienced inspectors and NDT technicians.

Plant turnarounds are the most complex and expensive maintenance projects that facilities engage in. Loss of processing production and the actual cost of inspections, preventive maintenance (planned and unplanned), and repair can quickly add up, even with proper planning and execution.

Why Versa?

With the above mentioned in mind, don’t leave your turnaround planning or support to an under qualified provider. We provide clients with expert turnaround services they can trust, including staffing the most experienced inspectors and NDT support personnel. We utilize risk-based inspections to analyze process equipment, which mitigates excess cost and time loss. Your team of inspection and reliability engineers should focus their resources on areas that truly need their attention, and we offer that level of analysis. To touch briefly on risk-based inspections, this is a relatively new discipline in the asset integrity management world and utilizes technology to consider probability and potential consequences of an undesirable event. This is superior to time-based inspections as these do not account for factors that are unique to the equipment piece, environment, or existing corrosion issues. Additionally, we perform API 571- damage mechanism reviews (which were co-authored by several people on the Versa team) before the turnaround which can significantly reduce the cost associated with unexpected repair and replacement of equipment during the shutdown.

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