The Unified Solution

Quality Control

Versa’s quality program utilizes various documents and procedures to control the quality of products and services we provided to our clients. We actively attend seminars and are up to date on what’s occurring in the industry so that we can continually review and revise our procedures as needed. In addition to seminars, our quality team attends various courses for continuing education and work with industry leaders to stay abreast on new or improving inspection techniques and technology. To ensure our quality program is effective we conduct internal audits on our program as well as receiving random customer external audits.

We staff American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs). These individuals are uniquely qualified to work hand-in-hand with QA/QC supervisors to properly inspect and approve welding, welding repair, or construction packages. This unified solution is the backbone of everything we do. If your fabrication shop requires an AWS CWI, we can supply experienced team members, or if you need a Senior Certified Welding Inspector today at the fab shop, and next week you need to source experts to manage phased array work, we have that covered too.
Visual Testing
Borescope is a limited access, remote visual inspection tool. It is a long probing camera which may be tunneled through unreachable areas of metal to perform visual inspection, similar to a colonoscopy performed in the medical field. Our highly certified inspectors utilize an IPLEX Borescope, a leader in borescope technology, to perform these inspections.

Other Services