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Our Inspection services provide comprehensive asset integrity management solutions that will solve your business’s unique challenges. Our experienced inspectors are skilled in API 570, API 510, CWI, and visual inspection. Our aim is to serve all Industries with asset integrity, and we do so by employing various methods of Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation. We utilize many different technologies in our Advanced services sector, and we are available to perform inspection in unreachable areas by our Rope Access division.

API 510
API 510 inspection is a critical component to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of pressure vessels and pressure relieving devices that protect these vessels in the refining, chemical processing, exploration, extraction, transportation, and pharmaceutical industries. Unless, of course, the vessel in question is exempt by the API 510 code. That said, API 510 inspectors are an important part of facility’s mechanical integrity (MI) programs and the overall safety of the facility. The potential environmental impact and human casualties of a pressure vessel failure are what drive each of the above industries to ensure their pressure vessels are cleared for continued operation. This is precisely why we do not take staffing your facility with API 510 inspectors lightly.
API 570
API 570 Inspections are a critical inspection standard for refineries and processing facilities around the world. These inspections provide an opportunity to mitigate piping failures or wall loss concerns, and improve the operational efficiency of your facility. This is done by keeping better tabs on what's going on around your facility, and finding solutions to challenges that come up.
API 653
Above ground storage tank (AST) inspections are processes that adhere to standards developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API), which set guidelines to inspect and repair above ground storage tanks used in the chemical and petroleum industry. API 653 covers in-service and out-of-service storage tank inspection for these industries. This standard is critical to the safe operation of above ground storage tanks around the world. Additionally, though, other standards exist like STI-SP-001, to meet current EPA requirements for small tanks that fall into the agency’s rule for Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC).

The AST inspection market is characterized by an increasing need for more cost-effective measures to meet API 653 requirements. Taking above ground storage tanks completely out-of-service is oftentimes not an option from a budgetary standpoint. This is where services like robotic tank inspections and 3-D tank modeling with Technosoft come into play. Each of these separate services provide an opportunity to properly inspect and scan ASTs that are in-service, rather than requiring a shutdown of the tank itself.

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