The Unified Solution

Tank Inspection

Our Tank inspection department delivers an array of services to fit the industry’s needs. When faced with annual seal inspections, 5-year external inspections, Out-of-service inspections, or even preventative protection, companies benefit heavily from wide-range versatility. At Versa, we offer Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), Tank Strapping, Verticality, Internal and External Settlement, API 653 Inspection, Internal, External, and Post Repair, NACE Coating Inspection, Vacuum Box Testing, NDT Services, Advanced Services, and Helium Testing. Our industry experts are certified in API 653 AST and our Tank inspectors follow standard EPA and SPCC procedure.

Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

Versa Integrity offers Magnetic Flux Leakage inspection for the detection of soil side corrosion on tank bottoms and offer both Mapping and Non-mapping options. Our experienced MFL technicians have logged thousands of hours in MFL inspection.

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Tank Strapping

Tank strapping by Versa Integrity is a procedure used to measure fluids in storage tanks for dimensional calibration purposes. These measurements include the dimensions of a storage tank in which its height, external diameter, and volume holding capacity are measured.

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API 653 Storage Tank Inspections

Versa Integrity Group offers a full complement of inspection services to facilitate out-of-service (API 653) above ground storage tank inspections. Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) Inspections Above ground storage tank (AST) inspections are processes that adhere to standards developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API), which set guidelines to inspect and repair above ground storage […]

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NACE Coating Inspections

Our coatings inspection experts are certified NACE Level I, II, and Peer Review with long-term experience in completely managing your coatings inspection project. Coatings are everywhere and are especially critical in most industrial applications where carbon steel, or any other material, is present. Cathodic protection, inspection, corrosion assessment, coating applications, consulting, and project management are […]

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Vacuum Box Testing

Versa Integrity Group can conduct Vacuum Box Testing to locate potential leak paths present in lap and butt welds. Vacuum Box testing is an effective method used to inspect tank bottom and annular ring welds.

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Settlement Surveys

Versa Integrity Group offers Settlement Surveys of Above Ground Storage Tanks capable of detecting all types of settlement, whether Uniform, Planar Tilt or Out-of-Plane. Both External and Internal Surveys are possible.

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Versa Integrity Group can conduct Verticality Surveys to locate shell deformations or out-of-roundness that can alter normal Floating Roof cycle movement. Our engineering evaluation analyzes field data to pinpoint deficiencies in tank shell walls.

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