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Risk Based Inspection(RBI)

Increase confidence in your mechanical integrity program through expert risk-based inspection (RBI).

Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

When it comes to facility equipment inspection and mechanical integrity programs, many facilities still use traditional time-based practices. Unfortunately, time-based inspections fail to account for the unique level of risk posed by specific damage mechanisms for each piece of equipment. This inevitably leads to inefficient NDT techniques and unreliable inspection frequencies prescribed by the mechanical integrity program.

So, what is the solution? Risk-based inspection (RBI) considers risk based on the unique criteria of each piece of equipment in the facility’s mechanical integrity program. RBI provides inspection and reliability engineers with the opportunity to focus resources and target inspection dollars, thereby controlling costs through factoring risk into inspection planning and management.

We all know that equipment reliability and the safe, efficient operation of aging infrastructure are the keys to profitability in the refining and chemical/petrochemical industries. Risk-based inspection is the process that can substantially increase that profitability.

Why Versa?

Our team of experts are not only trained and well-versed in API Risk-based inspections (RBI), they also helped author the documents themselves! These experts maintain a high degree of technical knowledge in everything from Risk-based inspection philosophy to the technology that makes it possible. Furthermore, our experts perform risk-based inspection in a systematic and standardized manner which allows for truly objective and repeatable results. Along those lines, we pride ourselves on possessing fluency in a variety of risk-based inspection (RBI) software packages; and can also train owners/users to manage the RBI process once the initial assessment is completed.

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