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Integrity Operating Windows(IOW)

Does your facility implement IOWs adequately? Let Versa’s seasoned veterans help your facility with their proven expertise.

Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs)

Every piece of equipment in a facility has its limits. These are known as the Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs), which are discussed in the API RP 584. Working outside of these limits can be dangerous and can prematurely initiate corrosion that will ultimately promote equipment damage or failure.

To properly implement Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs), requires maintaining an IOW plan for each piece of equipment in your facility. These plans should describe the actions required if a piece of equipment exceeds its Integrity Operating Window, and how quickly the response should happen. API RP 584 also sets out practices to keep equipment within the established IOWs. Additionally, the limits on each piece of equipment can be set around a number of parameters; although the most common are temperature and pressure that the equipment should perform within. Alternatively, IOWs can be established around known damage mechanisms unique to each specific piece of equipment.

Why Versa?

Marc McConnell, of our team, is currently the chair of the API RP 970- Corrosion Control Documents committee, and has contributed to the task group that created API RP 584 (Integrity Operating Windows). This ensures that the team we employ to conduct IOW training courses, or to assist you with your IOW implementation, are not only significantly more knowledgeable than other providers, they will also have considerable experience in the implementation of IOWs. Being involved in the creation of API RP 584 gives Versa unique insight into the challenges and solutions that come along with incorporating IOWs into your facility.

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