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Don’t remove a piece of equipment before doing an API 579- Fitness for Service (FFS) review

Fitness for Service (API 579)

If a piece of equipment succumbs to corrosion or some other damage mechanism, does that mean it can no longer be useful? Does it have to be taken out of service and repaired immediately or, if irreparable, decommissioned? Maybe. But, without API 579- Fitness for Service (FFS) assessments, there is no way of making those determinations. To simply assume an asset is lost at the first sign of damage or corrosion is wasteful and inefficient. Instead, utilize API 579 (FFS) to ascertain if the equipment can continue contributing to your bottom line.

Why Versa?

Our consultants are experienced in the application of API 579- Fitness for Service assessments, and can perform something as simple as a hoop stress calculation (for required thickness) to complex finite element analysis. Additionally, our team are knowledgeable in a wide variety of codes, standards, and engineering assessments which aid in a greater understanding for the particular piece of equipment in question. Finally, the Fitness for Service (FFS) assessments we perform are suited for specialized and non-specialized equipment. Allowing us to truly service your needs from A to Z. To conduct API 579- Fitness for Service, we use proprietary SagePlus technology to analyze fixed equipment assets. This technology offers practical and cost-effective solutions to the most challenging Fitness for Service applications.

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