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Reliability Services provide a birds-eye view of facilities to help ensure projects and turnarounds are successful in terms of safety, quality, cost, and organization. With the depth of expertise in NDT and MI we can deliver NDT reviews for best practices to assure the proper inspections are performed for the anticipated damage mechanisms. The ARR team can provide the planning and the inspection to make any MI program successful and assure that all MI activities keep the facility PSM compliant by performing PSM reviews and development.

Integrity Operating Windows(IOW)

Does your facility implement IOWs adequately? Let Versa’s seasoned veterans help your facility with their proven expertise. Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) Every piece of equipment in a facility has its limits. These are known as the Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs), which are discussed in the API RP 584. Working outside of these limits can be […]

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Corrosion Control Documents

Let the experts that wrote API RP 970 work with your team to identify corrosion issues. CCDs (API 970) Corrosion Control Documents (API RP 970) contain safety information about specific equipment or materials, including instructions on how to avoid and manage corrosion and other relevant damage mechanisms that may be present. With that said, Corrosion […]

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Fitness for Service

Don’t remove a piece of equipment before doing an API 579- Fitness for Service (FFS) review Fitness for Service (API 579) If a piece of equipment succumbs to corrosion or some other damage mechanism, does that mean it can no longer be useful? Does it have to be taken out of service and repaired immediately […]

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Gap Analysis

Learn where your asset integrity management program is lacking with gap analysis. Sometimes where you are, is not where you want to be. A gap analysis is a strategic planning tool that will help shed light on where your reliability program is, where you want it to be, and how you’re going to get there.

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Mechanical Integrity Programs

Our custom-tailored mechanical integrity programs reduce your workload so you can focus on other pressing matters. Mechanical integrity programs prescribe regular testing and inspection founded on the tenets of RAGAGEP (Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices). The testing (NDT) and inspection (API 510, API 570, API 653, etc.) through the entire life-cycle of processing […]

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PSM Review & Development

PSM is an integral part of facility safety and directly affects your asset integrity management program. Let us take it from here. PSM Review & Development Process Safety Management (PSM) was designed to help facilities prevent hazards such as dangerous chemical releases, or minimize potential harm should these events occur. The principles of PSM are […]

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Risk Based Inspection(RBI)

Increase confidence in your mechanical integrity program through expert risk-based inspection (RBI). Risk Based Inspection (RBI) When it comes to facility equipment inspection and mechanical integrity programs, many facilities still use traditional time-based practices. Unfortunately, time-based inspections fail to account for the unique level of risk posed by specific damage mechanisms for each piece of […]

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