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Penetrant Testing(PT)

Liquid penetrant testing is used to locate surface defects and variations on pipe and weld surfaces. Our Versa team is trained in performing liquid penetrant testing across all industries to determine the relevance of surface defects.

Visible Penetrant
The visible penetrant method of inspection is a nondestructive test to expose defects open to the surface of the material and may be used on aluminum, magnesium, brass, copper, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, carbides and stellate as well as certain plastics and ceramics. The process includes penetration of the defect by the Dye Penetrant, removal of the excess Penetrant from the surface and development of the indication for inspection. A deep red indication will mark the defect.
Fluorescent Penetrant
Fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) is a type of dye penetrant inspection in which a fluorescent dye is applied to the surface of a non-porous material to detect defects that may compromise the integrity or quality of the part in question. Because of its sensitivity to such small defects, FPI is ideal for most metals which tend to have small, tight pores and smooth surfaces. Defects can vary but are typically tiny cracks caused by processes used to shape and form the metal. It is not unusual for a part to be inspected several times before it is finished (an inspection often follows each significant forming operation).

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