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Magnetic-particle Testing (MT)

Magnetic part testing is used to detect surface and sub-surface indications or defects on any ferrite magnetic material. Our Versa team is qualified to determine if the indication or defects are acceptable according to applicable standard codes.

Dry Particle
In the magnetic dry particle testing technique, dry particles are dusted onto the surface of the test object as the item is magnetized. Dry particle inspection is well suited for the inspections conducted on rough surfaces. When an electromagnetic yoke is used, the AC or half wave DC current creates a pulsating magnetic field that provides mobility to the powder. The primary applications for dry powders are unground welds and rough as-cast surfaces. Dry particle inspection is also used to detect shallow subsurface cracks. Dry particles with half wave DC is the best approach when inspecting for lack of root penetration in welds of thin materials. Half wave DC with prods and dry particles is commonly used when inspecting large castings for hot tears and cracks.
White Contrast
White NDT contrast paint provides a visible map of defects or variances on the surface of a material. We utilize Magnaflux® NDT contrast paint, WCP-2 which provides a high contrast background to improve probability of detection and sensitivity during visible magnetic particle inspections. This fast-drying paint aerosol sprays on evenly, without flaking, before inspection so that when non-florescent / colored magnetic particles are applied, the indications appear clearly against the opaque white background.
Wet Fluorescent
Within Magnetic Particle testing, we employ wet fluorescent spray manufactured by Magnaflux, a leader in NDT aerosols. The highly sensitive magnetic particle powder, 14A fluorescent mag particles are engineered to locate very fine discontinuities in critical parts and applications. The indications produced using the wet technique are more sharp than dry particle indications formed on similar defects. When fluorescent particles are used, the visibility of the indications is greatly improved because the eye is drawn to the "glowing" regions in the dark setting. We employ magnetic wet particle testing on surfaces that are not sensitive to moisture.

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