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Welding Preheat Treatment

Just like PWHT, welding preheat treatment can significantly reduce the risk of cracking in parent and weld metals.

Welding preheat treatment, not unlike PWHT, is a process that reduces the inherent risks of hydrogen cracking, shrinkage stress, and other damage mechanisms that regularly occur during the welding process. Welding preheat treatment works differently however by heating the parent metals (adjacent metals being joined) prior to the actual welding process. This minimizes the discontinuity of rapidly heated weld metals and slower heating parent metals; effectively leveling the heat across both materials involved in the welding process. Also, just like PWHT, not all instances require welding preheat treatment. Therefore, it is important to hire the experts that know when preheating is advisable, and when it is not.


Why Versa?

As mentioned above, welding preheat treatment is as critical a service as PHWT. And although it may appear that both heat-treating services are simple, they are not. Welding preheat treatment requires experience and a working knowledge of codes and standards to effectively implement (this should not be left to novices). Our heat treatment division has the experience and know-how to properly preheat your welds, and know when and what method will be most effective. Do not further compromise a weldment by using inexperienced heat treatment companies.

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