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Refractory Dry-out

When you need to complete the heating cycle on your refractory, call Versa Integrity Group.

The large majority of refractories are rammed, casted, or gunned in the field. As a result of this manufacturing process, refractories require “drying out” on location. The dry out constitutes of a heating cycle that is applied to remove excess water/moisture from the thermal lining. Without which the potential for excess pressurization of steam trapped in the lining can cause catastrophic failure during the refractory’s working life. Basically, a refractory dry out simply completes the chemical reaction process required in the thermal lining.

Why Versa?

Refractory dry outs are large undertakings that need to be performed correctly, lest future failures in the refractory lining present themselves in the form of dangerous and expensive consequences. As with PWHT and welding preheat treatment, refractory dry outs necessitate experienced, qualified personnel to manage and execute. Versa Integrity Group has not been involved in the heat-treating business for long, but the asset we have acquired has been safely and properly executing heat treatment (including refractory dry outs) for many years. Our newly formed division has the SMEs to advise and prescribe the method, application, and time-frame of the heat-treating service you require.

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