The Unified Solution

Solutions with Integrity

Here at Versa Integrity Group, we employ the industry’s top personnel in the inspections arena. From our award-winning league of Non-Destructive Testing and Advanced Reliability Services, to our electrifying Heat Treatment and Rope Access departments, we service our industry with TOTAL encompassing asset integrity. Our customers’ needs and safety are top priority, and we stand COMMITTED and RELENTLESS in cultivating our industry with nothing less than OUR best inspection solutions. With ongoing technical advancements and the ability to provide better data in the field, Versa has become one of the fastest growing Industrial Inspection companies in America.

Non-Destructive Testing

Our Inspection services provide comprehensive asset integrity management solutions that will solve your business’s unique challenges. Our inspectors are skilled in API 570, API 510, CWI, and visual inspection. We aim to provide total encompassing asset integrity to our clients.

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Heat Treatment

Versa offers expertly performed post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) as well as welding Pre-heat Treatment and Refractory Dry-Out. Our industry experts are ever-ready to assist you in determining the appropriate methods that will be most effective in maximizing your dollar. Not only do our experts have the knowledge to determine the problem, but our Heat Treat team has the skill and experience to provide the solution.

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Turnaround & Project Services

Versa Integrity Group provides a range of emergency outage and turnaround services from general NDE (UT, MT, PT, RT), advanced inspection methods (PAUT, AUT, UTSW, ET) and visual inspection (API 510, 570, 653, NACE Coating). Our goal is to ensure that all inspections are performed in a safe and efficient manner. Visual inspectors prepare equipment inspection plans using prior inspection history and equipment conditions so that proper techniques are applied to verify equipment is fit for service. Prior to inspections occurring we verify the tests that need to occur, anticipate repairs that may need to happen then navigate how to procced. Versa provides comprehensive inspection reports for all items inspected which can be used for gauging status of assets immediately and for ongoing monitoring.

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Corrosion Detection

Corrosion Detection is the process of discovering, identifying, and analyzing the presence of defects in different metal alloys. Our corrosion detection service line teams work hand in hand with our quality team to ensure we remain up to date with industry best practices and processes. Versa employs various corrosion detection methods, including AUT Corrosion Mapping, Guided-Wave UT, Eddy Current (ET), Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) Radiography, Laser Corrosion Mapping, Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM), and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL).

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Rope Access

Polymer technology has evolved to create fibers and compounds that can be used to repair, strengthen, and protect steel equipment.  Manufacturers such as BelzonaPES, and others, produce a full line of products for numerous applications.  Fiber wraps on piping can fix leaks and restore the mechanical strength to weakened areas, while also protecting them from corrosion.  In some applications pressure ratings can be regained.  Wraps are used at contact points on pipe supports and clamps to eliminate crevice corrosion.  Compounds can be made chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, or heat resistant to protect a wide variety of surfaces, such as inside vessels, scrubbers, silos, hoppers, and others.  These products allow repairs to be made without hot work.

Versa technicians are trained and certified to properly install wraps and compounds to manufacturers specifications, including engineered applications.   We can handle any of the surface preparation, including abrasive blasting when needed.  Using rope access techniques, we can get anywhere the work requires.

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Advanced Services

Mechanical Integrity, safety, and anticipating corrosion issues, among other damage mechanisms, are among the primary concerns for plant managers and operators. Mechanical integrity programs alleviate many of these pressures through management system frameworks. These include the development of policies and procedures that streamline everything from risk assessment to preventive maintenance. Additionally, competency management and the implementation of effective metrics help maintain your assets in a fit-for-service condition, longer.

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Tank Inspection

Our Tank inspection department delivers an array of services to fit the industry’s needs. When faced with annual seal inspections, 5-year external inspections, Out-of-service inspections, or even preventative protection, companies benefit heavily from wide-range versatility. At Versa, we offer Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), Tank Strapping, Verticality, Internal and External Settlement, API 653 Inspection, Internal, External, and Post Repair, NACE Coating Inspection, Vacuum Box Testing, NDT Services, Advanced Services, and Helium Testing. Our industry experts are certified in API 653 AST and our Tank inspectors follow standard EPA and SPCC procedure.

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Reliability Services provide a birds-eye view of facilities to help ensure projects and turnarounds are successful in terms of safety, quality, cost, and organization. With the depth of expertise in NDT and MI we can deliver NDT reviews for best practices to assure the proper inspections are performed for the anticipated damage mechanisms. The ARR team can provide the planning and the inspection to make any MI program successful and assure that all MI activities keep the facility PSM compliant by performing PSM reviews and development.

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