The Unified Solution


Offshore inspections and NDT are completely different than onshore. At Versa Integrity Group, we get that. Our skilled team of offshore NACE and API inspectors, NDT technicians, and multitalented rope access crews can manage anything from baseline inspection for P&I to providing technical staff to finish out the engineering report. We strive to provide a comprehensive solution to our offshore clients but also realize that you may only need a rope access technician with ABS External Specialist Certificate to test TLP hull gauging. Regardless, we understand that time is money, and your TLP, SPAR, or drillship need to keep operating safely and efficiently. This is precisely why our offshore team specializes in offshore, and only offshore.

Onshore assets may not face the terribly corrosive conditions of the saltwater, but that does not mean they need any less attention and maintenance. This is where proper reliability and inspection services come in. Regularly and properly inspecting equipment assets not only reduces the chances of a failure, it can also let you know what expenses you may need to expect in the future. Allowing for better planning and allocating of your company’s resources.