The Unified Solution

Refining & Chemical

It should come as no surprise that refineries and processing plants are among the most highly-regulated facilities in the world. Due to overwhelming experience in what can go wrong, experts and government agencies have since implemented various standards and codes to ensure safe operation of these facilities. Versa Integrity Group offers a wide-range of services to the refining and processing industries that help meet these standards and also improve productivity, safely and efficiently. Our ARR department consists of many uniquely qualified individuals that can manage everything from CCD creation to the entire mechanical integrity program. Our API inspectors and NDT technicians, along with rope access, round out our service offering ensuring that your facility can deal with one contractor instead of several. This is what we like to call the unified solution.

The chemical manufacturing industry has not always kept pace with the rest of the refining and processing industries, due to the heavier emphasis on oil and gas-related regulation. Of course, as we know, this is due in large part to the massive, catastrophic failures associated with the oil and gas industry, and the refining and processing industry specifically.

So, what about the chemical manufacturers who have been left to handle their asset integrity management programs themselves? Well, for one, API codes and standards are catching up to this misstep and will soon be applying the same standards that refining and processing plants adhere to, to chemical plants. Don’t worry though! That’s what companies like Versa exist for. We are experts in developing asset integrity management programs, as well as handling NDT and other related inspection work. We also offer differing solutions depending on budget and each facility’s unique needs. Finally, we understand that chemical manufacturers are very different from other refining and processing plants as the feedstocks and chemicals can be proprietary. Thereby making the creation of CCDs quite difficult. Which is precisely why we employ several of the greatest minds in the industry to ensure your facility can go above and beyond the soon to be required codes and standards. Not only improving the safety of your facility, but the efficiency as well.