The Unified Solution


Name Icon Image Has Content SubServices
Vendor Surveillance Yes
Non-Destructive Testing Yes
Radiographic Testing(RT) Yes Conventional Radiography - Yes
Computed Radiography - Yes
Digital Radiography - Yes
Real-Time Radiography - Yes
Penetrant Testing(PT) Yes Visible Penetrant - Yes
Fluorescent Penetrant - Yes
Magnetic-particle Testing (MT) Yes Dry Particle - Yes
White Contrast - Yes
Wet Fluorescent - Yes
Positive Material Identification (PMI) Yes XRF - Yes
Spring Hangers Yes
Brinell® Hardness Testing (BHT) Yes Analog - Yes
Digital - Yes
Delta Ferrite Testing (DFT) Yes
Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Yes
Tank Strapping Yes
API 653 Storage Tank Inspections Yes
NACE Coating Inspections Yes
Ultrasonic Testing Yes Shear Wave - Yes
Visual Testing (VT) No
Heat Treatment Yes
Turnaround & Project Services Yes
Corrosion Detection Yes
Laser Corrosion Mapping Yes
Turnaround Planning & Management Yes
Inspection Yes API 510 - Yes
API 570 - Yes
API 653 - Yes
Quality Control Yes CWI - Yes
Visual Testing - No Description
Borescope - Yes
Welding Preheat Treatment Yes
Combustion Yes
Post-weld Heat Treatment Yes
Refractory Dry-out Yes
Other Heat-treating Services Yes
Rope Access Yes
Rigging Yes
Electrical Services Yes
Structural Welding Yes
Fabric Maintenance Yes
Advanced Services Yes
Alternating Current Field Measurement Yes
Advanced Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Yes Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) - Yes
Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) - Yes
Guided-wave Ultrasonic Testing Yes
EDDY Current Testing Yes Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) - Yes
Remote Field Testing (RFT) - Yes
Eddy Current Array (ECA) - Yes
Near-Field Testing (NFT) - Yes
Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) - Yes
Surface Eddy Current (SEC) - Yes
AUT Corrosion Mapping Yes
Tank Inspection Yes
Helium Testing Yes
Vacuum Box Testing Yes
Settlement Surveys Yes
Verticality Yes
Reliability Yes
Integrity Operating Windows(IOW) Yes
Corrosion Control Documents Yes
Fitness for Service Yes
Gap Analysis Yes
Mechanical Integrity Programs Yes
PSM Review & Development Yes
Risk Based Inspection(RBI) Yes