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Employee Spotlight: William Goff

Name: William Goff Title: SH&E Representative – Angleton / Corpus Christi Years in the Industry: 6 Favorite Part of your Job: My favorite part of this job is helping to find creative and lasting solutions to problems that our employees face. I used to be a medic in the army so my job was to […]

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2.15 Million Safe Hours

Versa Integrity Group celebrates one year without an OSHA Recordable Injury, equating to 2.15 million work-hours! Our goal of “Making Safety Personal” reinforces the importance of making safety the largest priority not only on-the-job, rather, making it a lifestyle. Watch our video below to hear from our SH&E Director, Sam Harkins! Versa Integrity Group has […]

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Versa’s Safety Values & Culture

Our safety culture is the collection of the beliefs, perceptions and values that everyone shares in relation to safety within Versa. Simply put, this is how Versa views safety as a whole. Our safety culture can be divided into seven categories that can be observed, measured, and corrected if need be. Each category is equally […]

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