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Versa’s Safety Values & Culture

Our safety culture is the collection of the beliefs, perceptions and values that everyone shares in relation to safety within Versa. Simply put, this is how Versa views safety as a whole. Our safety culture can be divided into seven categories that can be observed, measured, and corrected if need be. Each category is equally […]

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Employee Spotlight: Amanda Sanders

Name: Amanda Sanders         Title: HR Generalist – Broussard, Baton Rouge, Gretna, Moss Point Ms. How long have you been at Versa: 6 months, starting September 2018 Something you like about the Industry: The NDE industry always keeps you on your toes. As much as one would like to plan and forecast, at any point and time a “hot job” or “shut down” can […]

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Versa Integrity Acquires Maintenance & Turnaround Resources (MTR)

Maintenance Turnaround & Resources (MTR) was acquired by Versa Integrity Group, Inc. in November 2018. MTR was organized in 2011 to address a level of quality and commitment that had been missing from the inspection, construction and technical services industry within the oil, gas, petrochemical and refining industries. The owners and operators, Chuck Easterbrooks and […]

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Employee Spotlight: Chad Ivy

Name: Chad Ivy Title: Regional Advanced Operations Manager How long have you been in the industry: 9 Years Something you like about the Industry: I like where the technology of where Advanced Ultrasonic is going. Efficiency in making critical flaw decisions will be so much more accurate, giving our customers better data and a better […]

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Creating a Family-Focused Work Environment

Versa’s secret sauce of success is one that we are open about and don’t mind our competitors hearing. It’s something that came naturally. A big challenge was making sure we didn’t forget it during our rapid growth over the past 5 years. This recipe of success is simple…create a culture that is Family Focused. When […]

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