The Unified Solution

The Origin of Versa Integrity Group

Owensby & Kritikos (O&K) and Savoy Technical Services (STS) merged together via a transaction completed on Dec. 31, 2012. Prior to the original merger, O&K acquired Rope Access Technology (RAT) in August of 2012.

The acquisition and merger joined three companies that bring the industry more than 70 years of NDE inspection, automated ultrasonic testing and high end evaluation capability, including: phased array, advanced ultrasonic technology, time on flight diffraction,
engineering and rope access. The combined companies offer a full variety of inspection and maintenance repair capability that utilized all facets of industrial, refining, chemical and offshore applications.

The companies have completed merging operations into a single, unified entity. The combined operations feature offices across the central Gulf Coast, with locations in Gretna, LA. (New Orleans), Broussard, LA. (Lafayette), Sulphur, LA. (Lake Charles) and Houston, TX.

The combination of the three companies provides customers with over 600 engineers, API inspectors, rope access climbers and NDE technicians. Just as with our legacy companies, our customers will find every one of Versa’s managers, supervisors and support personnel are available to provide the same professional service they have been accustomed to in the past.

Since the original creation of Versa in 2012, we have completed the following expansions:

  • Acquisition of Southern Inspection Services, Inc. in the Pascagoula, MS area. This expands the entire Versa suite of services to that area, with the addition of a company with over 25 years of experience and service.
  • Organic expansion in Freeport, TX. It began operations in December 2014.
  • Acquisition of CW Technical Services, Inc. in the Lafayette, LA area in July 2015. This expands Versa’s suite of services to include coating inspections which can be deployed to any of our locations.
  • Acquisition of Renegade Testing & Inspection, Inc. with two locations in Florida, Orlando, and Tampa, in October 2015. This expands Versa’s geographic footprint into the Florida market.
  • Organic expansion in Corpus Christi, TX. It began operations in December 2015.
  •  November, 2018: Acquisition of Maintenance & Turnaround Resources, LLC (MTR)
  • January, 2020: Acquisition of Element Integrity Group