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Left to Right – Taylor Stubbs – Versa RSO, Jason Lewis – Level II Technician, Luke Marange – Project Manager

Jason Lewis was selected as Versa’s Target ZERO Award recipient by Versa’s executive team, because while performing an x-ray on a well head, he heard a click for a PRV flare that erupted 45 seconds later. He then saw a customer operator running towards the well head while the source was cranked out. Jason cranked the source back in to secure the area. The operator had not reached the barricade and was not exposed. Jason spoke with the operator explaining to him if he needed to go inside the barricade to make sure Versa was aware so the hazard could be removed. Fifteen minutes later the same PRV lit again, however this time the operator was waving his arms as he neared the barricade to ensure the area was safe to enter. Jason again, cranked in the source and the operator proceeded to complete his work activities.

Through Jason’s use of Stop Work Authority, he exhibited the Target ZERO behavior that Versa strives for as a company.

Versa thanks Jason and other employees for their commitment and ownership of Target ZERO.

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