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Industrial Inspection Robotics in Maritime and Infrastructure Applications

by Taylor Abington, Versa Unmanned

Inspection capabilities evolve at the speed of technological innovation. In drones, robotics, and submersibles, Versa Integrity continually tests new technologies to see what inspectors can use to safely gather actionable data and reduce outage time for customers.

Versa Unmanned, the drone and robotics division of Versa Integrity, has recently begun using remotely operated vehicles (ROV) like the Deep Trekker DTG3 to gather data and perspectives in hard-to-access maritime environments. Using an ROV like the DTG3 reduces or eliminates the amount of time a diver must spend underwater, minimizing their risk in strong currents or choppy waters.

Maritime inspections using a Deep Trekker DTG3 ROV (Image provided by Deep Trekker)


Different payloads are used to gather data with a DTG3. By attaching an ultrasonic thickness gauge, inspectors can navigate to the surface of the asset being inspected and determine the thickness of the wall within one tenth of a millimeter. This allows inspectors and customers to evaluate structural integrity and conditions, which could inform optimal repair and maintenance schedules in the future for their assets.

Various grabber arms are available to physically engage or retrieve items that needs to be manipulated or brought up to the surface for further inspection. Scoops can collect samples of sediment or liquid for testing purposes.

A high-definition camera captures 1080p video to provide inspectors visuals on sediment at the bottom of tanks, rust build-up, as well as perspectives on corrosion, leaks, and damage.

In many cases, a DTG3 can collect information while a tank or underwater asset is still in operation, reducing costs associated with down time.

A Deep Trekker DTG3 ROV inspecting a water tower (Image provided by Deep Trekker)

The Future of Inspection

Drones, robotics, and submersibles have ushered in a new era of inspection. With upgraded tools and capabilities, inspectors can inspect more assets more effectively than ever before. Customers can utilize data to improve their processes and maintenance to ensure the longest, most effective lifespan for key assets, while improving profitability and reducing risks on staff.

Versa Unmanned continues to deploy state-of-the-art technology (like the DTG3) to safely assess asset integrity for customers leveraging the latest software and hardware to provide our customers actionable data when it matters most.

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