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Versa Target ZERO Award Winner – Joshua Pagel

Left-to-right – Jeremy Berry, Versa Corpus Christi Operations Manager; Joshua Pagel, Versa Ropes Access Technician; Sam Harkins, Vice President EHS

Joshua Pagel was selected as Versa’s Target ZERO Award recipient by Versa’s executive team, because while performing an inspection on a process pipe, Joshua used Stop Work Authority when he recognized that the process pipe in question was opened to the atmosphere. His crew immediately notified their customer representative and was informed that the line was blinded. Joshua and his crew investigated further and verified that the line was not blinded, so they again reported to operations, the process pipe was properly blinded, and work resumed.

Through Joshua’s use of Stop Work Authority ensured that the process pipe was properly blinded. Joshua’s actions exhibited the Target ZERO behavior that Versa strives for as a company.

Versa thanks Joshua and other employees for their commitment and ownership of Target ZERO.

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