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Versa Target ZERO Recognition Award Winner – Daniel Anduja

Left-to-right – Jeremy Berry, Versa Corpus Christi Operations Manager; Daniel Anduja, Versa Ropes Access Technician; Sam Harkins, Vice President EHS

Versa Integrity Group recognized Daniel Anduja as winner of the Target ZERO Safety Recognition Award for April 2022.

Daniel was selected as Versa’s Target ZERO Award recipient by Versa’s executive team, because Daniel immediately used Stop Work Authority when he observed another contractor operating an aerial platform at an elevation during a Lightning Alert. Daniel communicated with the contractor personnel that the site was under a Lightning Alert and asked them to come down from elevation immediately.

Through Daniel’s use of Stop Work Authority, he was able to ensure the personnel were removed from a potentially serious hazard. Daniel’s actions exhibited the Target ZERO behavior that Versa strives for as a company. “I appreciated the proactive response that I always received from Versa operations management when I made them aware of a safety concern,” said Daniel.

Versa thanks Daniel and other employees for their commitment and ownership of Target ZERO.

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