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The Process of Embracing Change

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy.

There are no shortage of quotes or books on the topic of change. Change is a hot topic in all industries.  The Director of HR, Leo Pena, and I recently conducted a training, in our Florida Division, on the theme of Embracing Change. The curriculum for the training came from Development Dimensions International, DDI, of which half of their clients are listed on the most recent Fortune 500. In this blog post, I want to hit some of the highlights from Embracing Change, developed by DDI. Knowing where you are on the DDI Change IQ Continuum can help you move along the continuum and embrace the changes that might be occurring in your work environment.

First, let’s define what embracing change means. DDI defines embracing change as when you are able to find the benefits of the change, work with others to make the change work, and then commit to its continuous improvement. For some people, accepting and applying changes happens easily, but for others, change may take more time and effort to accept and apply. There are 3 Phases of Change on the DDI Change IQ Continuum which include disorientation, reorientation, and integration.

The Disorientation Phase occurs when there is misunderstanding and doubt. People often feel anxious and confused as they struggle to accept and adjust to their new circumstances. How do you move along the Change IQ Continuum and out of the disorientation phase? Sometimes you can apply lessons learned from previous similar change experiences that you have encountered. It is important to consider the impact the change will have on your business.  Ask yourself, “What good could come of this change in terms of budget, time, profitability, customers, and competition?”.  By focusing on the improvements that can occur, your emotional response to the change will be more positive.

A greater sense of control and confidence is a sign you are in the Reorientation Phase. Another hallmark of this stage is when you become the voice of support and encouragement for others.  Sharing productive ideas and thoughts with others can help you and others to embrace the change.  Simply put, you have become more comfortable with the change and are helping others to reach that same level of comfort. How can you move to the final phase on the Change IQ Continuum? You can network with others and share lessons learned, expectations, and progress. Commit to being part of the implementation. Creating sort-term goals help you to embrace the change. As you accomplish each of these goals, a celebration will give you feelings of accomplishment and positivity.  Don’t forget to celebrate the small steps!

The Integration Phase is the third and final phase of the Change IQ Continuum. This is your ultimate goal. In this phase, you have accepted the change and think of it as the new normal. The change has become part of your routine and you look for continuous improvement ideas. You can help others arrive at integration by sharing what you specifically did or said to help others embrace the change.

Think back to any previous changes which occurred in your personal or professional life. Can you see how you moved through these phases and how you survived the change and it became your new normal?  Change is not always easy to apply in your life.  But knowing where you are on the continuum can help you eventually arrive to the place of acceptance, reorientation, and integration.


Author: Marco Garza, Recruiting Manager


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