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Employee Spotlight: William Goff

William Goff: SH&E Representative – Angleton & Corpus Christi

Name: William Goff

Title: SH&E Representative – Angleton / Corpus Christi

Years in the Industry: 6

Favorite Part of your Job: My favorite part of this job is helping to find creative and lasting solutions to problems that our employees face. I used to be a medic in the army so my job was to fix injuries after they happened. Now my job is to get ahead of the injuries and I am able to prevent them from ever happening, which is very fulfilling to me.

What Safety Means to You: Safety is a decision. Safety is consciously making the decision to do whatever it takes to make sure that you and the people to your left and right get home the same way you showed up.

Family: I am married and have four daughters.

Favorite Hobby: Playing the guitar and playing with my kids.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Garner State Park.

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