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Meet Our Heat Treat Director, David Limas

Versa Integrity Group is extremely excited to finally announce our official Heat Treat Director, David Limas! David will be overseeing all Heat Treat initiatives for all offices and will work closely with local teams to ensure the highest level of excellence to our customers. If you have any Heat Treat questions or needs, feel free to contact him at

David Limas: Heat Treat Director at Versa Integrity Group.

Name: David Limas     

Title: Heat Treat Director

How long have you been in Heat Treat: 19 years

Something that excites you about industry: Being able to work with some of the best guys in the Heat Treating world. It is also so amazing to be able to see young assistants become great technicians. I love what I do, and to work for a company like Versa makes it all worth it.

What safety means to you: Safety is priority in my daily operations and allows me to go home to my family every day.

Rewarding aspect of being a leader in your field: The most rewarding part of my job is watching my guys work together to accomplish amazing things in our industry. Seeing individuals grow into leaders is one of the most humbling parts of my job, and something that I hope for all of my employees.

Something you’d say to an individual starting out in Heat Treat: Always be a step ahead of your technician, so that you can become the best.

Hobbies/interests: My hobbies are spending time with my family and my interest is going to as many Texans games as possible.

What Family means to me: Family is something that makes me strive to be the best at what I do, so that I can provide and care for them. Family could be my immediate family or my work family either way I strive to be the best for both.

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