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Building Culture Through Radical Communication

Most companies completely fail when trying to build transparency in communication throughout their organization. A major factor that inhibits productivity and reassurance is the flow of communication from top-to-bottom. Most people have been in a situation in the workplace where you know change is coming but you feel kept out of the loop, making it easy for you to feel on-edge. Every high-level decision does not necessarily need to be laid out in detail, however, when change is coming, some form of positive reassurance to staff needs to be clearly communicated. It is common when people feel left out, they begin to lose a sense of security. Over the past 3 years, Versa has made radical changes to build transparency and ongoing communication with all employees.

What does this mean & how does it look?

Versa’s leadership team found that whenever decisions were made, it was clearly communicated to the rest of the executive team (C-level management, VP’s, Director’s), but just like the game “telephone” you may have played growing up, information can easily get lost in translation from the top-down. This was only half of the problem.

A (not-so-fun) Game of Telephone

Questions and changes happening from the front-line of the company (technicians, supervisors, field managers), often leaves field employees uncertain, which can easily facilitate a negative culture.

How do we solve this problem?

One of the biggest steps Versa has taken to help eradicate this issue is by creating the Versa Intranet. This provides a clear line of communication from top-to-bottom and the bottom-up. The platform allows for employees (of any field/department) to be in contact with each other. Clay Savoy, CEO, utilizes the video platform to send personalized messages to the Versa family, covering topics such as business announcements, culture and leadership tools to help employees grow in their personal and professional life.

Intranet Communications from Versa Integrity Group’s CEO, Clay Savoy

The Intranet serves as a one-stop-shop for anything a Versa employee may need, such as: training for technicians, covering safety procedures, access interdepartmental documentation, employee portals, healthcare management, sales initiatives and company announcements.

One feature of the Intranet is the “Suggestion Box.” This tool is meant to give employees, from all levels, the opportunity to give feedback to upper-management.

Another way Versa has been proactive in solving this issue is to host annual Town Hall meetings hosted by Versa’s CEO, Clay Savoy. This gives employees the opportunity to directly speak with Mr. Savoy and ask any questions they may have. Events like these have been proven to bring more trust and transparency throughout the entirety of the company.

Versa Integrity Group: Houston Town Hall Meeting with CEO, Clay Savoy

As we continue to grow and learn as an organization, our highest priority is for our level of communication to evolve in a positive way. Focusing on overall growth for every employee has always been the core reasons for success and will remain that way ALWAYS.

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