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Versa Integrity Group Named Top 50

Just a few years ago, Versa Integrity Group was thought of in the industry as a mom and pop inspection company that would most likely remain a Louisiana/Texas company forever. Fast forward to today and you have one of the fastest growing NDT companies in America. With over 20 offices across the country and 1000+ employees servicing a wide array of customers, Versa continues to outdo itself year after year.

With all of this growth and success, Versa has landed a commanding spot as one of the best and fastest-growing companies in Southwest Louisiana.

Lagniappe Magazine: Top 50 Issue – June 6th, 2019 VOL 37 NO11

When looking from the outside in, Versa’s recent success can be attributed to three main areas:

Development of Middle Management

This is one of the most vital areas to take care of during a companies growth. Often times forgotten, it’s important to make sure that management is trained on how to communicate and be a leader while also maintaining a high level of excellence in their office. Versa’s executive team understands the value of building up employees from within and then giving them the tools and education to continue to succeed.

We had a chance to sit down with one of our Operations Managers, Jesus Gonzalez, and asked him about how he has been able to grow in the company as well as learn to be a better manager. Here is what he had to say: “When I started at Versa, I was a Senior RT Lvl II Technician. After several years of hard work and dedication I had the opportunity to grow into project management and then Operations. I can first hand say that Versa invests in their employees, focusing on areas they need to improve on and then offering the best solutions to get there. Knowing that your leadership team is just a call away and super responsive was a great feeling and really helped during my initial growth in the company. Transparency is something that has also been amazing when communicating and growing along-side other managers and executives. Feedback and ideas are always welcome and everyone seems to always have the betterment of Versa in mind.”

Jesus Gonzalez, Houston Ops Manager

Award Winning Safety Culture

Over the last year, Versa Integrity Group has made massive strides in their Safety Culture. With the addition of SH&E Director Sam Harkin’s and his supporting team across the country, Versa has broken company records this year which resulted in 1 year (’18-’19) without an OSHA recordable. Take a look at this recent message from Sam, giving praise to the company for this achievement:

Integrity in All We Do

One of the most important traits Versa has maintained year in and year out is their strive for Integrity in everything they do. It’s not just part of the name, its the embodiment of everything we do inside the company and onsite with our customers. Honesty and transparency have gotten Versa to where they are today, and it’s something our leadership aims to implement better each year.

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