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Eddy Current: Capabilities & Overview

Versa Integrity Group has prided itself on bringing the highest-quality of service with unique problem solving capabilities. Eddy Current is one of the most proficient Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods for detecting defects under support plates along with inspecting non-ferrous tubing.

Our probe manufacturing facility, in Pittsburgh, can custom build probes for specialty projects; no other service provider has that capability. The precision of this technology can detect and size defects affecting tubing, such as steam erosion, baffle cuts, pitting and cracking.

Versa Integrity Advanced Services: Eddy Current

Other Eddy Current inspection capabilities include:

  • ET Bobbin & Array: Non-ferrous Tubing (stainless steels, copper, nickel, titanium, etc).
  • RFT Bobbin & Array: Ferritic Tubing (carbon steel alloys, SA-214, SA-179, T-5, T-11).
  • XRFT or NFT Bobbin Array: Used for air coolers and aluminum finned carbon steel tubing.
  • IRIS Testing: UT testing method from the ID of the tube that is slower and tubes need to be cleaned to bare metal. This gives digital remaining wall thickness readings.
  • Surface ET & Array SET: Utilized on welds and plates.
  • Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC): Pulsed ET used on insulated piping.
  • U-Bend Inspections: Probes that can traverse the U-Bend exchangers tangent-to-tangent.

Eddy Current Inspection

Versa Integrity’s Baton Rouge Manpower Capabilities:

  • Versa has the capabilities to service all of your inspection needs, including: call-out work, routine inspections, pit-stop outage and major turnarounds.
Eddy Current: Advanced Services from Versa Integrity

Interested in learning more about Eddy Current and how it may help you? Click here to setup a call with one of our specialists by filling out the form or you can learn more by visiting our Eddy Current services page:

Versa Integrity’s Baton Rouge Eddy Current Inspection

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