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Employee Spotlight: Jerrad Tidwell

Name: Jerrad Tidwell

Title: North Dakota Operations Manager

How long you have been with Versa: 6 Months (14 years in the industry)

Something you like about the industry: I enjoy working in the inspection industry because of the challenges and endless things to learn always keep you on your toes. Having the ability to provide technically based solutions and new technology to our clients in order to help manage the integrity of their assets is the most satisfying.

Favorite part of Versa: Being rather new to Versa; I would have to say I’ve been impressed with the diversity in our services and the high standard of personnel. I’ve also appreciated the support from the individual teams within versa such as Leadership, Human Resources, Marketing, and other Operations Managers that have been there to provide the assistance and guidance that’s needed.

What is one trait you look for in a leader: Being led by an individual that can lead by example is a quality trait that is difficult to find at times. I have had the pleasure of working for an individual for many years whom has led by example, which has had a great influence in my career.

Hobbies/Interests: My family and I enjoy hunting and spending our summers in our motorhome at the race track. Both my boys and I dragrace, I drive a nitrous Foxbody Mustang and the boys drive Jr Dragsters.

Family: I have a beautiful wife and two sons. My wife works as our connections director in our church. Both of our boys are extremely active in racing their Jr Dragsters, Football, and Basketball.

Favorite place to go on vacation: Las Vegas is my go to for a break from the day to day activities. We’ve enjoyed racing Razors in the desert, driving Nascar’s at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and relaxing.

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