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Rope Access – Benefits & Best Practices

Rope Access has a huge number of benefits when it comes to decreasing safety hazards, increasing turnaround time and providing cost-effective solutions to a variety of problems. Below you will find a variety of practices Versa utilizes and the benefits of using this service compared to scaffolding. Our priority is to service customers along the Gulf Coast: Lake Charles, Louisiana; Houston, Texas; Corpus Christi, Texas; Orlando, Florida and many other locations. To see all of our locations, please click here.


  • Job specific Rope Access Safety Plans (RASP) are developed for each job and are reviewed with the crew daily.
  • Fewer men and less equipment reduce the overall risk exposure.
  • Rope Access technicians receive training and are certified by a 3rd party (SPRAT or IRATA)
  • Empowerment of all employees through Stop Work Authority.
  • Continuous training and testing of Ropes Teams to ensure that we are able to go home safe to our families.


  • Rope access, is without a doubt a more efficient means of access than scaffolding. It could take a team days to erect scaffolding to do necessary work on the other hand rope access techniques take a number of minutes to set up.


  • It should also be remembered that time = money in regards to scaffolding. The cost of supplying the scaffolding and paying the technicians to do necessary work once it has been erected would far outweigh the cost of a rope access team.


  • Rope access is flexible in the way that methods can be utilized in the hard to reach places. Unlike scaffolding, no large open area beneath the work site is required.


  • Industrial rope access creates minimal architectural impact and very little in terms of ongoing maintenance cost, with ease of fast return visits, much different to the burden of scaffolding

To get in touch with one of our expert Rope Access team members, please email Matthew Bullock, Rope Access Operations Supervisor at

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