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Baton Rouge, LA – Heat Treat Division

Baton Rouge is one of the largest Oil and Gas hubs in America and has become a big success story for Versa Integrity Group’s Heat Treatment division. Over the past 3 years, Versa has been building up their resources in the area to help support all of their Heat Treatment needs. From big rigs to a full blown 15’x15’x60′ furnace, Versa’s Baton Rouge Heat Treatment department has quickly become the authority in the region.

We had a chance to sit down with Michael Rabalais, Versa’s Heat Treat Manager in Baton Rouge about some of the value/success they have seen in their first few years of operations. Michael stated, “We are becoming the main go to in our region for all Heat Treat Needs. Several fab shops in the city use us as their sole provider and we are now supporting customers in Mississippi all the way to Florida.”

With that being said, we make it our mission to go above and beyond in all of our Heat Treatment projects.

Here is a quick overview on our Heat Treatment equipment in the Baton Rouge office:

Our 24-Circuit Mobile Rigs
-Self generated power
-VERSAtile (mobilize to project quickly)
-33% more capacity than the usual 18-Circuit Rigs
-150′ long triple cable sets for further reach
Mobilized Heat Treat Mobile Rig Setup
Our Portable Combustion Fuel Dual Trains and Burners
-1 MBTU, 3 MBTU and 10 MBTU burners (for any sized project)
-NFPA Compliant
-Redundant shut off switches for safe operation
Our 15’x15’x60′ Furnace
-Double hearth for fast and efficient load changing
-(8) 3 MBTU burners for better zone control
-Yearly Uniformity Survey performed to ensure accuracy
-Largest furnace in the Greater Baton Rouge Area

For more information, or to schedule a meeting to see our equipment in person reach out to Sam Martin ( or Michael Rabalais ( You can also give us a call at (225) 372-7668.

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