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The Heart of Versa: Values that Built a Best in Class Culture

It could easily be argued that industrial inspections/ndt could be one of the most competitive markets in the energy sector. With a surplus of mom and pops to billion-dollar organizations, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself when everyone is providing the same services. With all of the growth Versa has seen over that past 5 years, it brings to question how we have separated ourselves from the industry and became leaders that many are now trying to follow.

Versa’s recipe for success is one that is easy to see because it has stayed consistent since the company’s inception. In 2012, David Savoy and Clay Savoy (now CEO of Versa Integrity Group) merged Owensby and Kritikos and Savoy Technical Services, making one simple vision clear:  customer service and employee health would always be the backbone of everything they do. This became so ingrained into the culture at Versa early on that one of the most common phases that was used around the office was “We are going to do it right, or we aren’t going to do it at all.” Because of putting our service and well-being first, it quickly transformed our offerings into success driven solutions over quick fixes. Based on the needs of our customers, we would focus on analyzing the situation and building the best solution for the inspection. Often times this would result in educating our customers on different approaches to their needs in order to get the best and safest outcome. Putting the emphasis on being benefit and data driven from the beginning set the standard that Versa would live by as well as helped bring the bar up for the entire industry.

With our headquarters based out of Greater Lake Charles Louisiana (Sulphur), Versa has become a preferred vendor for most oil and gas plants throughout the state and gulf region. Many of our amazing customers that we had from the beginning are still partnering with us today! All of the work that has come to Lake Charles over the last decade has been one of the reasons Versa has been able to grow at such a rapid rate.

We had a chance to sit down last week with Harral Johnson (Sulphur Operations Manager) and Nick Jolivette (Process Improvement Manager) at our Headquarters to talk about where our Lake Charles division is at today and to see if the same core values are being implemented today. Here is a quick overview of our conversation:

Versa employees in Sulphur: 125+

Main services provided in Lake Charles Area: Advanced Ultrasonics, Phased Array, General NDE and Rope Access

What are three words that define the local culture in Lake Charles:

  1. Quality – This is the reason why companies come back to us day in and day out. Versa’s attention to detail in every project has become a known quality thought-out our region.
  2. Transparency – We hold ourselves accountable to deliver not only the best solution to our customers but to also advise our customer on a better way to solve problems.
  3. Dedication – No matter what time of day, if we need to resolve something, we will be there and get the job done.

How do we bring value and growth to our employees: At Versa we treat all of our employees like partners; focusing on training and communication skills so that everyone can be held to the same standard. This is what helps us continue to provide award winning services to our customers.

What does the word “Integrity” mean to you: Integrity to us means honesty, consistency and pride in everything we do.” This is what we live by and aim to instill in all of our employees.

After our conversation with Nick and Harral it seemed clear that the vision Clay and David set for the company in 2012 still holds true today. We make it a point that our biggest competition is ourselves. Whether in Lake Charles or our 24 offices across the country, we make it our mission to provide the best experience to both our employees and customers.

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