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Employee Spotlight: Will Whittington

Check out our latest spotlight from one of our all-star operations employees, and resident basketball pro!

Name: Will Whittington

Title: Operations Coordinator – NDT

How long you have been with Versa: 1 Year 5 months

Something you like about the industry: This industry is extremely dynamic, which has been a very attractive quality to me in the O&G Energy sector here in Houston.

What is one trait you look for in a leader: Work ethic is the most important trait when it comes to leadership. Having management exemplify the same “grind” that is communicated to their team is the best way to create a healthy culture, as well as set the standard for work.

Hobbies/Interests: Slow Pitch Softball, Basketball

Favorite place to go on vacation: I’ll tell you when I take one. Just kidding….I like to spend time with family in Natchitoches, LA.

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