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Employee Spotlight: Amanda Sanders

Name: Amanda Sanders        

Title: HR Generalist – Broussard, Baton Rouge, Gretna, Moss Point Ms.

How long have you been at Versa: 6 months, starting September 2018

Something you like about the Industry: The NDE industry always keeps you on your toes. As much as one would like to plan and forecast, at any point and time a “hot job” or “shut down” can occur; therefore, there is never a dull moment. We are constantly recruiting experienced and raw talent, working on the edge of our seat to ensure we are providing the upmost quality of service to keep the clients returning. I often refer NDE techs to Doctors; NDE techs test the integrity of welds and piping to prevent catastrophes and explosions which ultimately saves lives and protects the environment. Our industry is IMPORTANT!

Favorite part of Versa: Hands down, the culture. #OneVersa isn’t just a hashtag, it is reality. To me, Versa is the true definition of a team. From office, to office, Versa employees’ welcome people with open arms and assistance. As an HR Representative, the employee engagement, wellness, and overall care for the organization is one to be admired!

What is one trait you look for in a leader: One trait I look for in a leader knowing the value of your employee and investing in the employee. From the boots on the ground to the CEO, each employee can be an asset to the company. Recognizing, setting goals, and following up is what makes all the difference for the overall success for the employee, the leader, and the company.

Hobbies/Interests: As sad as it sounds, my hobby/interest is watching Netflix Series! Between work, kids, husband, and cleaning house, Netflix series time is my getaway! I have several I can recommend if anyone is looking for a new series!!

Family: I have a supportive husband Jody, who is an Operations Manager in the Marine and Oil Industry. He also coaches Grant’s baseball team! Grant who is 6, is our all-star athlete. He is starting another season of baseball! Go Astros!! Blaise, our 4-year-old is the opposite. He loves to color and pretend he is an Avenger! If only all three would only listen….

Favorite place to go on vacation:  My favorite place to go on vacation is Philadelphia where my brother Michael and his family live. We spend time outside enjoying the cooler weather, telling old stories, laughing and watching the kids run around!

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