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Employee Spotlight: Chad Ivy

Name: Chad Ivy

Title: Regional Advanced Operations Manager

How long have you been in the industry: 9 Years

Something you like about the Industry: I like where the technology of where Advanced Ultrasonic is going. Efficiency in making critical flaw decisions will be so much more accurate, giving our customers better data and a better overall experience. Ultrasonics in general is going in a direction where the customer can have a better understanding of what information is captured and how it effects their equipment.

Favorite part of Versa: Being a part of the rapid growth of the company is amazing. Seeing the company’s humble beginnings and how we have become one of the fastest growing companies in our industry is phenomenal.

Advice for someone just starting in the Industry: Learn something new everyday. Give the extra effort on your own time to separate your self and become the best you can be. “There is no traffic on the extra mile” is something I always tell my daughters and the people I manage. I also recommend that individuals who are just getting started to create a support group and find a mentor at the company who they can pitch ideas to and ask questions about best practices.

Hobbies/Interests: I love playing golf and I am also part of a prison ministry in Texas called Kairos where I mentor people in jail and help them find a purpose in life and stay motivated to succeed.

Family: I have a beautiful wife and three daughters

Favorite place to go on vacation: Ozark mountains. No electronics, just hanging out on the lake and having quality time with the family.

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